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Tip : Mark your Property for Added Protection

Why is it a good idea to mark our property?

If you have property stolen and the police find the thief, would you want them convicted? Chances are you will say yes. And if asked if you want your property back, especially if the item is of sentimental value, you will again say yes. But how can the police prove it’s stolen if it’s not marked or you recorded as the rightful owner? Marking property makes it more difficult for the criminal to dispose of and far more likely that they will be convicted if caught in possession.

Make it difficult for the thief:

  • Permanently and visibly mark property with an ACPO/Secured By Design accredited asset and property marking product
  • Register your items and the unique codes allocated to you on This UK property registration database is used by police to identity the rightful owners of lost or stolen property
  • Advertise the fact you have marked your property with window and door deterrent stickers
  • Try and mark any item around the house and the garden. Don’t forget jewellery, sports equipment and garden tools.

Supported by Crimestoppers

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